AIDA – Giuseppe Verdi

Let us try to consider something of the utmost
importance: how much does an opera cost?
…one needs a conductor (more or less talented),
an orchestra, singers, cast, extras, a choir, a director,
a choreographer and a legion of technicians, including
technical operators, props designers, costume
designers, seamstresses etc.
This multitude of people and things, concentrated
in the enormous space of a theatre, the vital lymph
node of all these “professionals”, who work together
with one common goal, and that is to stage an opera!
From all these considerations comes our project, or
challenge, if you wish.
Is it at all possible for just five individuals to create
an opera? Naturally, a complete opera, with just five
performers and no theatre? We think so…
And thanks to the direction of Sbrina Morena, and the musical
arrangement of Marco Pierobon, this project is
now a reality. Aida, for example.
Five musicians who, in their stage costumes, sing,
perform, act, and dance the opera. They become Aida,
Radames, Amneris, the Pharaoh of Egypt, in a rapid
sequence of arias, music, prose and dance. Not to
mock a great masterpiece, but to make it more
down-to-earth, more comprehensible to those who
aren’t familiar with it, (children too), or to make it
even more enjoyable (in a different light), to those
who already know it.
And this triggers another question: is it possible to
laugh until you cry, not “at Verdi” but “with Verdi”?
The answer is yes…
To begin with the opera we’re talking about is
Giuseppe Verdi’s “Aida”.
14 famous pieces from the opera have been arranged
for the brass quintet: prelude, the triumphal march, all
the dances, the arias and duets, which are both sung
and danced.
The pieces are linked by dialogue, (in humorous form),
among the different characters, (who are Aida, an
Ethiopian slave in Egypt, Radames, an Egyptian warrior
in love with Aida, the Pharaoh, Aida’s father Amonasro,
an Ethiopian warrior and Amneris, the Pharaoh’s
daughter in love with Radames), which gives a quick but
clear explanation of the arias and the plot of the opera.

A theatrical context has been created with the addition
of a director, costumes, stage make-up, movement and
light, which together breath life into this strange
alchemy. The entire performance is based on the fact
that 5 professional musicians try their hands at an
activity (acting), in which in actual fact they are not
professionals at all. And so we see them passing in a
flash from one discipline to the other: from the wittiest
of dialogue to dance, and an impeccable musical
Here is the billboard of the 55 minute long
Giuseppe Verdi – Aida
Characters and artists:
– Aida: Marco Braito
– Radames: Nilo Caracristi
– The Pharaoh: Stefano Ammannati
– Amneris: Marco Pierobon
– Amonasro: Gianluca Scipioni
14 musical pieces arranged for a brass quintet
Arrangements: Marco Pierobon
Direction and script: Sabrina Morena
Costumes and make-up: Ambra Bellotti e Patrizia Bongiovanni

Giuseppe Verdi – Aida

Personaggi e interpreti
Aida, Marco Braito
Radames, Nilo Caracristi
Il Faraone, Stefano Ammannati
Amneris, Marco Pierobon
Amonasro, Gianluca Scipioni

14 brani musicali arrangiati per quintetto d’ottoni

Arrangiamenti: Marco Pierobon
Regia: Sabrina Morena
Durata dello spettacolo: 55’